We are a certified roofing company!

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              Are you insured?

                    Yes,  we are a fully insured roofing company. We carry full liability insurance, and all our employees are covered under workmans comp.   

             Are you on the job with your employees?

                    Yes!  We believe that the best way of making sure our customers are getting the best quality job, is to be there to personally make    sure. Although all our employees are well trained, and certified roofers.

             Do you offer a warranty?

                    Yes, we offer all our customers a two year labor warranty, as well as any manufactures warranties. Most other roofing company's only offer a one year warranty with their work. We are confident enough with our workmanship that we can extend the warranty. 

             Can I apply new shingles over my existing shingles?

                     Yes,  however at Hendrickson roofing we recommend stripping off the old shingles to make sure that the proper under layment is installed, and your roof deck, flashing, etc. is properly inspected, and possibly replaced before the installation of the new shingles.  If customer still wants a shingle lay-over, we recommend using a 1 3/4" roofing nails due to the extra thickness between the new shingles and roof deck. As well as making sure the roof is clear of debris before installation of new shingles.

            What is ridge vent?

                      Ridge vent is either mesh, or plastic strips that are applied underneath your ridge caps. Proper ventilation in you roof, both at your eaves, and ridge, help prevent condensation in your attic space, and prevents ice dams. It also extends the life of your new shingles.

           What is hurricane nailing?

                      Here at Hendrickson roofing, we hurricane nail all our shingles, at no extra cost to our customer. The standard installation for shingles is four nails per shingle. Hurricane nailing is six nails per shingle. By doing this ,you extend your wind rating from a 70 m.p.h. wind rating to 110 m.p.h. wind rating. Most other roofing companies will charge their customers extra for this service. We believe that it is only common sense to make this a daily practice.

          How do I properly prevent and/or take care of algae and moss build up?

                     Most modern shingles have been treated with zinc. When it rains it reacts with the zinc to prevent algae and moss growth. For older roofs, you can install a zinc strip under your top layer of shingles, which will have a similar effect as the zinc treated shingles. Any shingles that are install by Hendrickson roofing have a 10 year algae resistant warranty. 



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